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Stem C Plantal Rejuvenation Set (Professional 4-in-1)

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Stem C Plantal Rejuvenation Set (Professional 4-in-1)

The newest cutting edge facial treatment that uses the new scientific breakthrough ingredient, Stem C Plantal cells from a rare Sea Fennel (CIC2) plant, that give you intense facial rejuvenation results. It helps the reduction in wrinkles, pigmentation, even out skin colour, closure of pores and tightening of skin tone.


395.00 395.00 395.0 SGD


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    Revival Serum 

    Revival serum enhances the skin outer layer resurfacing process through an unprecedented multi - layer sequential regenerating system. Over time, your skin optimal luminous complexion unveiled. Skin is cleared, refined and even toned.

    How it works:

    • Renewal complex dramatically smoothes skin texture while brightening and accelerating cell turnover.   

    • Encapsulated moisture molecule helps to form lasting hydration.

    • Non abrasive. Effective exfoliate surface cells aid in brightening of skin.

    4 vials x 3ml e 0.1 fl oz

    Stem C active serum

    This serum effectively transforms skin by gently replenishing natural levels of skin growth factors. It provides concentrated stem cells to renew skins youthful appearance, plumping sagging tired skin and releases powerful antioxidants to fight free radicals.

    Effectively lighten skin dark tone. Brighten complexion. Help clear skin dark spots. Even skin coloration. Moisturize and smoothen skin. Promote collagen formation and reduce fine lines. Provide skin elasticity and suppleness. Maintain youthfulness of skin.

    4 vials x 6ml e 0.2 fl oz


    plantal rejuvenating mask

    A treatment mask powder consisting of natural plantal derivatives extracted from the young plant pistils and Angelica, Plantal Rejuvenating Mask  powder provide intense hydration and optimal skin nutrients to accelerate skin metabolism, smoothen fine lines and skin rejuvenation. * The powder is combined with the Active Treatment Gel to form a paste.

    4 packs x 25gm e 0.85 fl oz

    Stem c active treatment gel

    This unique treatment gel enriched with CIC2 stem cells and natural plant extracts, which mixed with the powder, synergistically increases fibroblast activity, provides the precursors for collagen synthesis and reduces skin discolorations. 

    4 packs x 72 gm e 2.43 fl oz


    Stem Cells

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    Stem cells are the master cells of the human body. They can divide to produce copies of themselves and many other types of cell. They can be found in various parts of the human body at every stage of development from embryo to adult. Stem cells plant, also known as Sea Fennel Stem Cells, is found in Brittany Coast. Sea plants are the first and original organisms to have come out of the water. Sea plants, with their roots in the marine original medium have, at the origin, to face the constraints of the terrestrial conditions (dehydration - light - UV - etc). They developed an unique answer in the adaptation phenomenon to the terrestrial environment conditions. 

    Extraction of Stem Cells

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    Functions of Stem Cells

    • Regulation of Keratogenesis

    • Reinforcement of anti-oxidant protection

    • Cutaneous healing stimulation

    • Regulation of pigmentary disorders

    Stem C Plantal Skin Rejuvenation System 

    The Rejuventation System is created for skin that has showed the first signs of aging. Formulated with Stem Cells, Vitamin C and Plant Placental (found at young plant's pistil) derivatives, this professional treatment helps reduce appearance of skin discoloration, nourishes pre-matured skin conditions and smoothens facial lines through our exclusive 3 steps actions:

    1. Exfoliation with Vitamin C Revival Serum that effectively removes unhealthy epidermal cells that filled with discolored pigments.

    2. Provide cell regenerations support from CIC2 Stem Cells that acts as a bio-stimulator with total respect for the skin's natural evolution process.

    3. To help boost moisture and regeneration content and protect your skin against further environmental aggressors, restoring skin health and radiant complexion.

    Key Benefits

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    Active Ingredients

    Before and After

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